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Jun Kamoda 'Jun Kamoda' 2xLP

Jun Kamoda 'Jun Kamoda' 2xLP

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House, disco and hip hop smashed together from cut and paste producer Jun Kamoda, who also raps in Japanese on a couple of the songs. Surreal Tongue in Northern Osaka kicks off the album with organic, choppy hip–hop paced drums lead by rugged Japanese vocals. Kamoda then follows with Nightmare Club and Crush - two tuneful, funk-infused rollers. Hakoniwa Disco Strut switches up to a reformed new-age disco track with an emphatic 60s electric guitar solo surrounding the center. The next three tracks, Mt Woo, Gravity of Love and Blooming Blues are all peppered with high-energy, uplifting melodies layered over a more uniform house sound. The Ruddy Sunset, is a pitched down, Balearic inspired dance track – deep bass-lines and mellow flutters providing the core. The album decisively ends by throwing genre categories completely out the window with No Rhyme Nation – tough, broken drums and breaks of unpredictable, eccentric melodies are the theme here. Previous releases on Mister Saturday Night and Mallgrab’s Steel City Dance Discs, as well as two EPs on Black Acre. For fans of Daphni, Avalanches and Beastie Boys.


Catalogue number: ACRELP014

Condition: New

Label: Black Acre
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