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Kid Koala 'Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs' LP

Kid Koala 'Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs' LP

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Silver vinyl with original 50 page comic book.

Cult classic Some of my Best Friends are DJs is given a new lease of life on the 20th anniversary of release.
It's the Kid Koala you know and love, a turntablised soundtrack of more antics of the cranky and mysterious characters from Kid Koala's comic book land of Nufonia.”
Some of My Best Friends are DJs comes complete with the original 50-page comic book and mini chess game from the first pressing.
On original release, the album was supported by a cabaret-style tour known as “The Short Attention Span Theatre”, which featured 3 DJs on 8 turntables, a slide show and a bingo game among other quirky surprises.
Catalogue number: ZEN82R

Condition: New
Label: Ninja Tune

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