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Lightning Bolt ‘Hypermagic Mountain’ 2xLP

Lightning Bolt ‘Hypermagic Mountain’ 2xLP

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Coloured vinyl.


“‘Hypermagic Mountain’ is Lightning Bolt’s fourth, most well-oiled album: song-by-song it chugs into rockier Van Halen, Fucking Champs, or Orthrelm territory.” - Pitchfork
‘Hypermagic Mountain’, Lightning Bolt’s fourth album has been unavailable for nearly a decade since its 2005 release.
Back as a double LP including a full drawing by Brian Chippendale as the D side etching.
The package includes a large scale 4-page book (previous pressings included a CD-size book).
Recorded at Machines with Magnets and Lightning Bolt’s home by Dave Auchenbach.
Lightning Bolt play with abandon that is unmatched and remarkably undiluted and this album is just one more example of that raw power and sound.
2LP available on hypermagic red coloured with full colour 4-page booklet.
“Listening is akin to the scene in The Wizard Of Oz where a sepia tone gives way to Technicolor; it opens up new vistas to the sound, while giving the band an opportunity to exhibit more involved musicianship. It’s less a blur and more a detailed map of planned aggression.” - NPR


Catalogue number: THRILL502LPX

Condition: New

Label: Thrill Jockey

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