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Mandrake Handshake 'Shake The Hand That Feeds You' 12"

Mandrake Handshake 'Shake The Hand That Feeds You' 12"

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Oxford psych-collective Mandrake Handshake release their kaleidoscopic debut EP Shake the Hand That Feeds You via Nice Swan Records.

Formed in Oxford where they lived, hung out and rehearsed together on campus, the eclectic group were christened after a song by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, incorporating their influences of krautrock, funk, Japanese animation and Latin pastoral poetry to create a unique brand of ‘Flowerkraut’ that vividly defines their sound.

No expense has been spared to bring the listener to the zenith of psychedelic high-fidelity and have them fully understand what they otherwise might only hint at knowing. This is ‘Flowerkraut’. This is the beginning. This is the Mandrake”.


Condition: New

Label: Nice Swan

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