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Masonna 'Ejaculation Generater' LP

Masonna 'Ejaculation Generater' LP

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A name which requires no introduction, Masonna to this day stands as an unparalleled and absolutely unique voice from the golden era of noise. During the mid-90s Maso Yamazaki released a series of savage CDs on the legendary “Good Alchemy” series from Alchemy records. Originally released in 1996, “Ejaculation Generater” manages to cram 32 tracks of Masonna’s signature vocal noise in a nearly unrelenting half an hour. The artists personal favourite in a vast discography, “Ejaculation Generater” is now made available for the first time since its original release. The original liner notes by Jojo Hiroshige have been translated into english for the first time by Kato David Hopkins (R.I.P.). Mastered for both vinyl and digital editions by Rashad Becker.


Condition: New

Label: Total Black
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