Mike Donovan 'Meets the Mighty Flashlight' LP

Mike Donovan 'Meets the Mighty Flashlight' LP

Pre-order. Due 13th October.

Since 2011, Mike Donovan’s been a Drag City stalwart, first with Sic Alps, then as a solo and with The Peacers - but Mike ‘The Mighty Flashlight’ Fellows has been a behind-the-scenes figure at Drag City since the early days, playing live and on record with Royal Trux, Silver Jews and Will Oldham. And in fact, Donovan first laid eyes on Fellows way back in 1994, at the legendary Drag City Invitational.
Fellows has contributed to releases from Endless Boogie, Pigeons, Weeping Bong Band and Prison in recent years. So, when these two rambling musicians found themselves in adjacent communities in upstate New York, Mike D brought Mike F into the process of his new solo album. There The Mighty Flashlight turned on, bringing his recording, writing, performing and mixing talents to the tabletop with such a seasoned vibe that he bought himself real estate in the album title itself - something usually reserved for characters of legend (like Kiss’s adversary The Phantom of the Park) or giants of Dub (King Tubby, Scientist, Lee Perry et al).
The two-Mike combination makes the fourth Donovan solo album one that hits all kinds of high watermarks for the most and the best of what he’s capable of. And Mike Fellows wanted to hear something different out of Donovan’s sound - so it could only be a meeting of the minds in the end.

Catalogue number: DC882

Condition: New
Label: Drag City

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