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Mikey Young 'You Feelin’ Me?' LP

Mikey Young 'You Feelin’ Me?' LP

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Mikey Young – who is best known as a member of beloved Australian DIY groups like Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring – recorded, mixed, mastered and performed everything on You Feelin' Me?. An intimate tour of pastoral instrumental landscapes and solo headspace, recalling fellow master producer Brian Eno's pre-ambient classic Another Green World. It was originally released on tape on Hobbies Galore in 2017 and now gets a reissue on CD and Vinyl.

For fans of: Popul Vuh, A.R. and Machines, Vangelis, The Residents, Sci-Fictitious working man’s factory songs, Sweat-flicked neon-bending warehouses and opening a box of light

Condition: New

Label: Castle Face
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