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Morta Skuld 'As Humanity Fades' LP

Morta Skuld 'As Humanity Fades' LP

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Morta Skuld formed in Milwaukee in 1990, going on to release three albums on Peaceville Records (initially via legendary sub-label Deaf Records) in the early-mid 90's, with the band's debut 'Dying Remains' seeing its release in 1993.

'As Humanity Fades' was Morta Skuld's follow-up album to their widely hailed debut, & surfaced in 1994. Featuring a further evolution of the band's brand of death/doom metal with a fine dose of brutality plus a degree of technicality, & consisting of the same line-up headed by band mastermind & guitarist/vocalist, David Gregor, 'As Humanity Fades' was once more recorded at Cornerstone studios, Wisconsin.

This edition of 'As Humanity Fades' contains remastered audio, plus the rare bonus track, 'Sacrifical Rite'; a demo track which was re-recorded during the album sessions.

Morta Skuld recently made their comeback with the 'Serving Two Masters' EP, before sealing a new deal with Peaceville for their long-awaited full opus, 'Wounds Deeper Than Time', due for release in February 2017. Morta Skuld have played numerous high profile shows over the years with the likes of Obituary, Death, Deicide, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, and Cannibal Corpse, & are set to take to the stage in support of the release.

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