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Ozric Tentacles 'Tantric Obstacles' LP

Ozric Tentacles 'Tantric Obstacles' LP

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"Much more than just a homage to those hippy bands of the 70's; they are actually doing for real what those bands gave the impression of being but never really were." NME

Tantric Obstacles was released in 1985 on cassette only following in the footsteps of their debut Erpsongs. The album contains tracks that are still firm live favourites the energetic guitar space-rocker "Sniffing Dog" and the more complex "Og-Ha-Be", which kicks off the album with the trademark Ozrics sound - a funky riff that gradually builds and recedes and builds again until it eventually explodes upon a scintillating pinnacle of space guitar. "Music to Gargle At" is almost an early version of the '91 "Strangeitude" single "Sploosh!"; with its water samples, electronic beats and plug hole noises. "Trees of Eternity" is clearly influenced by Steve Hillage, whilst "Oddhamshaw Style" and "Sorry Style" date the tape with the kind of classic dub that could be heard drifting across the main drag of any festival site from a ramshackle sound system in the early part of the '80's.

Tantric Obstacles is a snapshot of the band at the height of the free festival era.

Catalogue number: KSCOPE1185

Condition: New

Label: Kscope

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