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Paul Weller 'In Another Room' 7"

Paul Weller 'In Another Room' 7"

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The eclecticism of his career goes without saying and in Ghost Box Weller finds the perfect home to explore his interest in experimental tape music and early electronics. The four tracks here though are more than just experiments. Tape manipulation, field recordings and instrumental passages are artfully arranged to create a gently uncanny and psychedelic atmosphere. During the final piece Rejoice the abstraction starts to resolve into a more conventional and joyful group sound. No sooner has the melody taken shape when it suddenly collapses, deepening the magic and mystery of the whole work. In part this is musique concrète in the tradition of Pierre Schaeffer. The “sonic art” of Trevor Wishart being perhaps a closer parallel. Unlike the mid-century pioneers of avant garde music, Weller introduces subtle melodic elements and ghostly fragments of song. Pianos drift in from next-door rooms with an atmosphere not unlike the work of Virginia Astley. The resulting impression is melancholy and reflective with a dreamlike sense of loss.

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