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Plosivs 'Plosivs' LP

Plosivs 'Plosivs' LP

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Plosives—denoting consonants that are produced by stopping the
airflow by using the lips, teeth or palate, followed by a sudden release
of air, the misspelling of PLOSIVS is intentional. In audio recording
it refers to the loud, vocal pop created by the hard consonant that
overwhelms the microphone and causes it to distort.
So what does this have to do with a new, angular and melodic
punk band from San Diego? Perhaps their affection for this anomaly
is celebrated and is symbolic of their appreciation for imperfection. Or
maybe the word just sounds cool to them.
Although PLOSIVS is a new outfit of very young, handsome
men, personally, they have accomplished much in their early careers.
Vocalist / guitarist Rob Crow is known for being in Pinback, Heavy
Vegetable, Thingy, Physics and hundreds more. The length of drummer
Atom Willard’s résumé rivals a CVS receipt and is a who’s who of
alternative rock royalty: Against Me!, The Offspring, Rocket From
The Crypt, Danko Jones, Social Distortion and Angels And Airwaves.
Jordan Clark played bass with Mrs. Magician and guitar for The
Frights and The Soaks. And prior to PLOSIVS, guitarist John Reis
was and still is associated with Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket
From The Crypt, Night Marchers, The Sultans.
Together, they independently isolated during what then seemed like
the height of the pandemic (October 2020). After a short duration of
ideas passed back and forth, they convened as a group for the very
first time at Singing Serpent Studio in San Diego with Ben Moore at
the controls and recorded this ten-song self-titled record. A foundation
of guitar dissonance, velocity and harmonic interplay is the basis for
its concept in creating tension and release. The rhythm section is not
content to merely fortify the bedrock. Instead, jet propelled, accents
lash and Earth is moved. Crow’s voice is the guide that illuminates
the implied melody. His easy tone contradicts the hectic atmosphere
yet its compatibility invents the entire mood. Together, PLOSIVS is
something only this assemblage of “road dawgs” could develop and
create during these uncertain times.

Catalogue number: SWA156

Condition: New

Label: Swami

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