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Profligate ‘Too Numb to Know’ LP

Profligate ‘Too Numb to Know’ LP

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Limited indies only dark blue vinyl.
‘Too Numb to Know’ is another thrilling entry in Noah Anthony’s progression from the heavy electronics of his early years to the complex, razor-sharp pop songs that have increasingly come to comprise his more recent releases.
While the introduction of live instrumentation on 2018’s ‘Somewhere Else’ earned Anthony praise from the likes of Resident Advisor, Pitchfork and The Wire, ‘Too Numb to Know’s bright keyboards, pulsing beats and soft, alluring vocals take Anthony’s increasingly songwriting-driven approach to entirely new levels of mastery.
Although ‘Too Numb to Know’ is ultimately a record about growth, reflection and change, messages of positivity like those found on ‘Hang Up’ - on which Anthony urges his younger self to trust his instincts during chaos - are often so deeply entwined in Profligate’s spectral synthlines and multifaceted rhythms that they demand repeat listens to be fully revealed. Meanwhile, the melodies on more soothing tracks like ‘A Little Rain’, a duet featuring vocals from Gel Set’s Laura Callier, more closely align with their messages of hope and acceptance.
For existing fans of Anthony’s work, kinetic bangers like ‘No Clear Way’, ‘We Can Punish’ and ‘A Stranger’ are reminiscent of his noisier, beat-oriented years.
Recorded between Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Cleveland, ‘Too Numb to Know’ is a varied yet cohesive work that showcases Anthony’s ascent from basement techno to edgy electronic pop music with organic flourishes.
“Profligate’s Noah Anthony arises from the polluted underground stream where noise, techno, and industrial music flow together” - Pitchfork
“This is bold, underground sound with a contemporary bite.” - Resident Advisor

Catalogue number: WCR107LP-C1

Condition: New

Label: Wharf Cat

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