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Pulp 'It' LP

Pulp 'It' LP

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Pulp’s debut album from 1983 is re-issued via Fire.

It is a gentle, mainly acoustic album that gives very few signs to the musical directions Pulp would later pursue. Lacking any hint of synthesizers or dance music, the album occasionally touches on the majestic, theatrical ballads of Scott Walker, as well as the stark, folky song poems of Leonard Cohen. Highlights include the light opening single "My Lighthouse" or the silly, music hall stomp of "Love Love." Although technically not as strong as the later albums it has an effortless, amateurish charm that makes up for the unformed songs and the band's rudimentary musical skills. 


1  My Lighthouse 3:30, 2  Wishful Thinking 4:17, 3  Joking Aside   4:20, 4  Boats and Trains 1:34, 5  Blue Girls 5:56, 6 Love Love 3:09, 7  In Many Ways 2:46, 8 Looking for Life 5:27 

Catalogue number: FIRELP223

Condition: New

Label: Fire

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