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Ripped to Shreds '劇變 (Jubian)' LP

Ripped to Shreds '劇變 (Jubian)' LP

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Red vinyl.
Led by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Lee, Ripped To Shreads emerge from the West Coast underground with their ferocious new album, Jubian. The death metal trailblazers unleash their most fully realized and visceral work yet. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lee in his home studio, Jubian proves to be Ripped To Shreads at their most focused and refined. The album bursts wide open with Violent Compulsion for Conquest, an elegantly dark, new kind of chainsaw sound teeming with acidic vocals gnashing out lyrics inspired by the Mukden Incident. From its lightning-flash solos to those immensely killer echoing Ough!s, this absolute scather, according to Lee, was born to lead. Elsewhere, longtime Ripped To Shreads fans will find the latest chapter of the ongoing Sun Moon Holy Cult saga to be its most thrilling episode thus far. One of the albums most impressive and catchiest tracks, (Racetraitor), represents that straight-up melodeath banger Lee says hes always wanted to produce while also giving vent to his experience as a minority in America.


Catalogue number: RR75071


Condition: New

Label: Relapse

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