Robin Turner 'Believe in Magic: 30 Years of Heavenly Recordings' Book

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Robin Turner 'Believe in Magic: 30 Years of Heavenly Recordings' Book
I think - and it's been this way for a few years now - that Heavenly is the best record label in the world right now. 30 years standing and no need to trade on some sort of golden age. In fact, this probably *is* its golden age -- Pete Paphides, author of 'Broken Greek: A Story of Chip Shops and Pop Songs'

Heavenly has always lived up to its name. Celestial tunes with the sublime sure guidance of Jeff Barrett. A beacon of integrity -- Annie Nightingale

MAGIC-FAITH-AESTHETICS. That to me is what Heavenly stands for. I feel very grateful and properly proud to have played a small part in this incredible story -- Nicky Wire

Heavenly is more than a record label, it's the absolute nectar of all that's brilliant in the culture of these island. I love the shit out of them and everything they stand for -- Irvine Welsh
A celebration of Heavenly Recordings, one of the most iconic and admired independent British record labels of the past three decades, published to mark the 30th anniversary of the label.

Robin Turner works for Heavenly Recordings, where he started the legendary Heavenly Sunday Social in 1994. He's the co-creator of The Social chain of bars in London, Bristol and Nottingham.

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