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Rotting Christ 'A Dead Poem' LP

Rotting Christ 'A Dead Poem' LP

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Spearheaded by brothers Sakis and Themis Tolis, Rotting Christ have remained one of the strongest and most respected forces in the black metal scene since their debut release 'Passage Of Arcturo'. Their legacy towards greatness was cemented even further by the genre classic follow- up 'Thy Mighty Contract', helping to firmly establish the Greek scene as being among the most essential black metal movements of the early 90's. Through continuous live work and an extensive body of releases, Rotting Christ continue to be one of the top names of the black metal scene.

A Dead Poem - the band's fourth full-length studio album - was originally released in 1997 and was the follow- up to Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers which, with a more melodic and dynamic scope to the compositions, saw Rotting Christ achieve acclaim beyond the black metal spectrum. This direction was further developed on A Dead Poem, for what was to become the band's most successful album to date. With a by- now finely honed craft of darkly atmospheric composition and an aura of anthemic melancholy combined with a few more gothic-styled elements throughout, A Dead Poem achieved a certain accessibility and acceptance within a broader demographic, leading to a further ascension through the ranks of metal's greats for Rotting Christ.



Catalogue number: VILELP992

Condition: New

Label: Peaceville

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