Zalatnay Sarolta 'Hadd Mondjam El' LP

Zalatnay Sarolta 'Hadd Mondjam El' LP

Official remastered reissue of the raunchy Hungarian psych rock cult hit from 1973! Zalatnay Sarolta’s fourth album Hadd Mondjam El has been a slavishly sought-after relic by ostrock purveyors and sample hunters since the 90s. Throughout her long career she’s been a reality TV star and a schlager hit singer loved nationwide. Her early albums, however, painted a different picture.

Hadd Mondjam El was a commercial flop but its daring contents have stood the test of time, the album becoming a cult favorite. A perfect 40 minute time capsule with Zalatnay’s strong Janis Joplinesque vocal delivery supported by a tight backing band with a penchant for fuzzy psych guitars and funky organ riffs.

Condition: New

Label: Svart

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