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Timber Timbre 'Lovage' LP

Timber Timbre 'Lovage' LP

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Six years after their last studio album, Taylor Kirk’s Canadian band Timber Timbre finally announce a new record, ‘Lovage’ their most accomplished and engrossing album to date, set for release via [Integral].
Since releasing and extensively touring ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’ (2017), Taylor Kirk has been busy working as a producer on several full-length LPs, including Joseph Martone’s ‘Honeybirds’ and the sophomore recording, ‘Nightshades’ by This Lonesome Paradise.
Timber Timbre have quietly released two cassette-only EPs, ‘I Am Coming To Paris’ and ‘The Dissociation Tapes Volume 1’, before finally returning with a new full-length entitled ‘Lovage’, the most accomplished and engrossing Timber Timbre album to date.
Kirk developed ‘Lovage’ in close collaboration with Michael Dubue at the producer’s Studio Cimetière in Quyon, Quebec. “Michael originally invited me to come and contribute to a song he was working on,” Kirk explains, “Because we really hit it off, we ended up putting a whole album together from the song ideas I’d been collecting during a couple of housebound years, recovering from a long period of unsavoury touring habits and reform from an unhealthy lifestyle.”
The collaboration proved so fruitful that Michael Dubue has joined Timber Timbre on keyboards and vocals, with Adam Bradley Schreiber completing the current line-up on drums and percussion. “Michael is much more musically accomplished than I am,” Taylor continues. “While I’ve often felt limited by my own ability in the past, Mike helped out when I found myself hitting a wall or writing myself into a corner. He often comes up with ideas I'd never have thought of on my own or couldn’t execute instrumentally.”

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