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Wooden Shjips 'Vol 2' LP

Wooden Shjips 'Vol 2' LP

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Strap in for travels beyond the galaxy, to tranced-out cosmic bliss! Sick Thirst presents Vol 2, the second compilation of hard-to-find Wooden Shjips tracks. Vol 2 digs deep to collect the band's Sub Pop and Mexican Summer singles, two self-released European tour singles, and a track from Yeti magazine, for nearly 44 minutes of fuzzed-out psych jams. Not just for completists, Vol 2 contains the essential live standards Loose Lips, Death's Not Your Friend (live), and I Hear the Vibrations (the E-Z Version), plus savage covers of Neil Young's Vampire Blues and Serge Gainsbourg's Contact. Wooden Shjips is a trance-rock quartet from San Francisco, consisting of Omar Ahsanuddin (drums), Dusty Jermier (bass), Nash Whalen (organ), and Ripley Johnson (guitar and vocals).

Their sound is something akin to the icy garage rock of early Echo & The Bunnymen crossed with the sun-bleached tremolo-punk of the Scientists. There are hints of krautrock, the trance-inducing organ haze of Suicide, Velvets-style dance-drone, classic desert-fried garage psych and the mysterious, obscure Japanese lysergic-rock band Les Rallizes Denudes, all mixed into one explosive whole. Wooden Shjips has released two acclaimed LPs and a previous collection of rarities on cult fave record label Holy Mountain. Their recordings and performances have received praise from well-regarded tastemakers, such as Tom Lax, Byron Coley, John Mulvey and David Fricke.


Catalogue number: ST007

Condition: New

Label: Sick Thirst

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