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yeule 'softscars' LP

yeule 'softscars' LP

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Limited white and blue inkspill vinyl.

Multi-dimensional artist and producer yeule announces their new album softscars arriving 6th October via Ninja Tune. The album represents a new direction for yeule as they explore softer textures and disembodied arrangements that feature their ethereal vocals front and centre. The project closely examines the anatomy of their long held emotional wounds for their most vulnerable work yet.

The announcement follows their previous single “sulky baby" and their critically-acclaimed 2022 album Glitch Princess, which received a 'Best New Music' stamp from Pitchfork. yeule is a multifaceted artist across music and visual art. The yeule project was fabricated by Ćmiel to act as a portal or rift which allows them to communicate their art to the outside world, while still being protected within their inner shell. yeule was constructed as a manifesto of Ćmiel’s own identity, where they have always had access to multiple avatars and the freedom to change or contort at will — solace through embodying mutable, chameleon-like multiplicities.

Imagery by Neil Krug (Lana Del Rey, Tame Impala, Bonobo).


Catalogue number: ZEN294IN

Condition: New

Label: Ninja Tune

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